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Nothing changes faster than your business environment. The in deep knowledge on markets, potentials, competitors, technologies, disruptive trends and their future development are essential for successful decisions. We at sciendea create this knowledge. Based on our market and competitive intelligence services we develop sustainable growth strategies for companies in a fast changing world

Market entry and expansion strategies

You want to enter new markets or increase your market share? You have developed an innovative product or a revolutionary technology and would like to know the market potential?

Only those companies which have precise knowledge on market opportunities, barriers, trends and competitor strategies will expand successfully.

At sciendea we analyze and evaluate your market, competitive landscape and technological trends 360 degrees – for your sustainable growth.

Knowledge based business decision making

You are planning a substantial investment for your company? You are looking for a knowledge based strategy or an independent second opinion to convince the board, banks or investors?

For a successful investment, it is absolutely critical to know exactly all opportunities, risks and growth potentials before the decision is made.

At sciendea we objectively analyze and evaluate all market, competitive and technological risks in order to make your investment a success story.

Development of innovative business models

How will disruptive trends, such as digitization or Industry 4.0 threaten your company? How do your competitors deal with the challenge and what can you learn from the market and innovation leaders?

Only those companies who challenge the market, customers and competitors with innovative business models can survive in global competition.

At sciendea, we analyze and evaluate all disruptive developments and trends so that you can reinvent your business model to secure future growth.

The DREAM process: Five steps to create a successful growth strategy

Every project is a new challenge. Client expectations, project goals and the industry specific environment are changing. This demands a structured consulting process to ensure sustainable success. In over 10 years of consulting expertise sciendea has developed the systematic DREAM process. This leads in five steps from defining the consulting goals to a growth strategy with pragmatic recommendations for action

Leading companies trust in our expertise, service and passion

Project example 1: Market entry analysis mechanical engineering

A leading Japanese manufacturer of machinery components has commissioned us with a comprehensive market entry analysis in the field of planetary gearboxes. The goal was to identify future opportunities in the European market and potential acquisition targets. We analyzed the market and competitive landscape, technological trends and carried out structured expert interviews.
As a result, the study included quantitative market sizes and forecasts, a list of target companies based on the agreed criteria and quick-to-implement recommendations for action. One year after the study, our customer took over a specialist and is now successfully active in the European market.

Project example 2: Proof of concept for a full-flight simulator investment

A startup in the field of pilot training would like to invest in a full-flight simulator. In order to minimize the risk high investment, we were entrusted with the execution of a market and competitor analysis. We evaluated the market, drivers and the competitive landscape for flight simulators in Europe 360 degrees:

  • Trends and forecasting of the European air traffic
  • Forecast on aircraft and pilots demand by airplane types, in particular Boeing and Airbus
  • Developments and trends in pilot training and the relevance of flight simulators
  • Market shares, competitive strength and success factors of European flight simulator operators

As a result, our independent risk analysis was the basis for a successful bank negotiation. Six months later, the first flight simulator with an average capacity utilization of 95% was put into operation.

Project example 3: Expansion strategy for hot beverages in the out-of-home market

A leading international consumer goods manufacturer wants to establish its global tea product range in the German out-of-home market. He commissioned us with a detailed analysis of trends, market volumes, distribution and competitive structures for each sales channel.
After a detailed kick-off workshop, we conducted over 80 structured interviews with buyers and decision-makers in the relevant sales channels, thus gaining valuable insights into the German out-of-home market for hot drinks:

  • Consumption quantities, sales and turnover shares, cost of goods, seasonal trends according to hot beverage types
  • Shopping habits, pack types and sizes by hot beverage type
  • Market shares and brand image of the leading competitors
  • Assessment of key consumer trends and future market developments

Based on the validated survey results, the annual consumption per sales channel and hot beverage type was calculated. Furthermore the future market potentials are forecasted.
As a result, the customer was able to focus on the most lucrative sales channels to introduce the tea product range. Just a year after, the tea product range was an integral part of the German out-of-home market.


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