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New technologies, geopolitical risks, dependencies on raw materials, suppliers or target markets – companies face a wide range of challenges. They have to react quickly to changes, proactively open up new markets or radically change their business model. This requires up-to-date knowledge about markets, potentials, competitors and trends. We create this knowledge – together with our customers. Our strategic market analyses deliver opportunities in tomorrow’s markets.

We create knowledge for:


SMEs, service providers and industry


Science & Research


Entrepreneurs and startups


Funders and investors


Your individual industry.

Market entry strategies

To ensure that your planned market entry becomes a sustainable success, we analyze and evaluate the market, competitive and technological environment 360 degrees. From this, we derive individual strategy options and provide you with pragmatic recommendations for action.

Industries and project examples

Market potential analysis

To enable your company to fully exploit its future potential, we provide exciting industry insights, analyze trends and identify sustainable growth potential in your market environment. We also examine the competitive landscape and evaluate all relevant framework conditions.

Industries and project examples

Market Due Dilligence

We identify companies with potential and select the candidates that best fit them. In doing so, we analyze and evaluate the business models, uncover existing risks and future opportunities, and provide you with exciting company insights for a sustainable investment decision.

Industries and project examples

No two market analysis are alike – but the tools are

Every market analysis is a new challenge. The respective task, the industry-specific environment as well as the individual customer requirements and goals place high demands on the analysis process. For this purpose, we have developed 4 systematic tools, which we apply precisely: From the first briefing to a sustainable market strategy with pragmatic recommendations for action.

That’s why we make the difference:


Methodological expertise from over 120 successful projects


20 years of consulting experience – national and international


Expertise and knowledge in over 10 growth industries

1. Kickoff

We listen to you. And we do so from the very beginning. Together, we determine the requirements and goals of the market analysis and define the exact scope. Our regular reporting keeps you up to date. In this way, we ensure that our analysis is as individual as the questions you ask.

2. Research

We use state-of-the-art AI-based databases to research accurate figures, data and facts for each market analysis. Our experience helps ensure that these are put through their paces. In doing so, we maintain an overview and focus on the essentials: Comprehensibly prepared information with significance.

3. Expert interviews

Expert interviews are an essential element of solid market analyses. In this way, we generate concentrated expertise and retrieve current opinions and future trends. We rely on our constantly growing network of industry experts. In this way, we also find answers to your individual questions.

4. Strategy

We are dedicated to drawing the right conclusions from all the information we receive. Methodological competence, experience and passion help us to develop individual business cases and strategy options with pragmatic recommendations for action. So that your company is optimally positioned in the market and competitive landscape in the future.

Individual market analyses also for your industry

Industries are undergoing rapid, dramatic and far-reaching change. What is a growth industry today may be slowed down tomorrow by supply bottlenecks or geopolitical tensions. Our market analyses help to anticipate these changes at an early stage and to react to them strategically. This can be product and service innovations or even the entry into a new region or industry.

Our market analyses provide you with:


strategically secure basis decisions


the decisive knowledge advantage


the time to manage your company more resiliently

Mechanical Engineering / High Tech

The mechanical engineering sector is both the backbone and growth engine of the economy. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, a far-reaching transformation is necessary. We clarify whether their technology and product innovations can hold their own in this changing market environment.

Project examples

Medical Engineering

Health is a megatrend. Telemedicine, mRNA technology or care robots. There are many approaches to answering society’s medical questions of the future. We identify the technologies or services with sustainable growth potential for them.

Project examples

Environment / Mobility / Energy

High energy prices, climate crisis and net zero emissions. Smart and disruptive ideas are needed to achieve the ambitious but necessary climate goals. Can your innovation make the world a bit more sustainable? We’ll check it out for you.

Project examples

Trade / Logistics / E-commerce

The Corona pandemic has dramatically changed the retail world. Consumers in a 24/7 society are demanding real-time shopping – and that products be delivered wherever they are. We clarify which business model is the optimal one for them.

Project examples

Food / FMCG / Packaging

Vegan meat alternatives from sustainable cultivation or packaging recycling. The circular economy has arrived in the food industry. But it must be actively integrated into the value chain to be credible. We check whether their products and packaging fit in.

Project examples

B2B services

The boundaries between industry and services are becoming blurred. The “as-a-service” idea is calling for apps that digitize B2B processes such as purchasing or recruiting. We examine whether your digital business model can change the world of services in the long term.

Project examples

Project examples for our market analysis

Market entry analysis planetary gearboxes

A leading Japanese manufacturer of system components commissioned us to conduct a comprehensive market entry analysis in the planetary gearbox sector. The objective was to identify future opportunities in the European market as well as potential acquisition companies. We analyzed the market and competitive landscape, technological trends and conducted structured expert interviews.

As a result, the study included quantitative market sizes and forecasts, a target list of companies based on the agreed criteria, and recommendations for action that could be implemented quickly. One year after the study, our client acquired a specialist and is now successfully represented in the European market.

Investment decision flight simulators

A startup in the field of pilot education and training would like to purchase a full-flight flight simulator. In order to minimize the risk of the not inconsiderable investment, we were entrusted in advance with the execution of a market and competition analysis. Our experts comprehensively illuminate the market drivers as well as the competitive situation for flight simulators in Europe. The following market-determining factors are analyzed for this purpose:

  • Trends and developments in European air traffic, forecast of future aircraft movements
  • Demand forecast for aircraft and pilots by aircraft type, in particular Boeing and Airbus
  • Developments and trends in pilot training and the relevance of flight simulators.
  • Market shares, competitive strength and success factors of European flight simulator operators.

As a result, our independent opportunity and risk analysis was the basis for a successful bank meeting. Already 6 months later, the first flight simulator was put into operation with an average utilization of 95%.

Expansion strategy Hot Beverages

A leading international consumer goods manufacturer wants to establish its global tea product line in the German out-of-home market. To this end, it commissioned us to conduct a detailed analysis of trends, market volume, distribution and competitive structures for each sales channel.

.After an extensive kick-off workshop, we conducted more than 80 structured interviews with buyers and decision-makers in the relevant sales channels, gaining valuable insights into the German out-of-home market for hot beverages:

  • Consumption volumes, sales and revenue shares, merchandise inputs, seasonal patterns by hot beverage type
  • Sources of supply, purchasing habits, package sizes and shapes by hot beverage type.
  • Market shares, brand preferences and brand image of suppliers
  • Assessment of key end-user trends and future market developments

Based on the validated survey results, annual consumption was calculated in detail for each sales channel and hot beverage type, and future market and sales potential was forecast.

The result was that the customer was able to focus on the most lucrative sales channels and launch the tea product line there.As a result, the customer was able to focus on the sales channels that were most lucrative for them and introduce the tea product line there. Just one year after its launch, the tea product line is a permanent fixture in the German out-of-home market.

Who trusts us with market analysis

“We would like to thank you for the good cooperation and support during our market analysis. This was very helpful for us to refine our market entry strategy.”

Philippe Wollf
Business Development Manager, Ricoh International

The brain behind our market analysis

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Ralf Hildebrandt is a consultant and future thinker with broad experience in strategic B2B market research. For more than 20 years, he has been advising startups, SMEs, as well as decision-makers in leading multinational corporations on securing and implementing their expansion plans and growth strategies with targeted market potential and competitive analysis. He is an expert in developing sound market entry strategies for companies in a changing world.

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